The Monkey Gate Yurt!

The Monkey Camp

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    Remember the myth of the monkeys? Is there a Monkey Camp or not? Who knows.. but what we know is, there is a Monkey Gate this year! And for that we want to build a Mongolian Jungle Yurt that serves as gate, greeting and chill area during the burn!

    Full description of the concept

    Remember the myth of the monkeys from KB17 and 18? Do you feel like you remember hearing animal noises, cracking branches, the smell of bananas? Maybe you even have this cloudy memory of climbing up a remote hill and visiting this chaotic camp but actually ... no, there was no monkey camp. This year we invite you to our wild jungle! Actually. There will be no way around it, because: We are doing Gate!

    What do we want to do?
    With our minimum funding budget we will build a waterproof ticketing box and get wristbands. Not a lot more to say, because we rather want to take the time to tell you about what we actually want to do: When we reach our maximum funding goal we want to build a Mongolian Monkey Jungle Gate Yurt! A 5m - Diameter tent-structure that will serve as both gate, greeting and chill-out space.

    What is a Yurt?
    A Yurt is a housing construction made for nomadic life. Within an hour it can be assembled or disassembled and all parts fit into one transporter or onto two camels. It is a very stable and long lasting construction, which is: One long wall made of many thin wooden laths, which will then be formed into a ring – the wall of the house. Normally a Yurt has one door – we will make two, so that everyone can pass through. In the middle of the Yurt there will be two beams carrying the roof-ring. This open ring is connected to the wall through laths which form the roof. All laths are held together by leather straps or ropes, only for the doors and roof-ring we will use screws. Traditionally the laths are covered by felt or leather mats, because we also want to protect our gate from rain we will use tarps for that. See photos and technical drawings for more information.

    Why this kind of construction?
    We will do most of the build work before the burn. The wooden construction is very sustainable and stable. There is not a lot of stuff we need to transport and at the burn we just have to set it up. And after, we can simply disassemble it and store it to use again next year and the years after! (A Mongolian yurt lasts up to 50 years!) Whether for a common cuddle space, a workshop tent or a welfare station – the Yurt will return!

    Why this kind of gate?
    This Yurt will not only serve as a dry and windproof space to check tickets (there will be one small window next to the entrance door), it will also be a greeting and chill-space at the same time. Being realistic about the weather, we need a cosy space for the volunteers and in case the weather happens to be good, we will just remove the wall coverings and have a cool, shady place.

    Is there more?
    Yes. We want to lead you through the wilderness, to welcome you into the Kiezburn jungle. Leave your normal self behind, because here you are whoever you want to be, find your inner wildhearted animal. And even after you passed through for the first time, we want you to return to the Yurt. Come and listen to the sounds of monkeys and birds, look at the firefly lights, meet and mingle, cuddle and pick each others’ lice (actually, please don’t).

    What do we need the budget for?
    With our budget we have to build a safe structure for gate volunteers and we also have to design and order wristbands. So in case we only reach our minimum funding goal we will not have enough budget to build the Yurt, but will have to only build a ticketing booth. For the construction of the Yurt we need wood laths with exact measurements and because we will be building it before the burn we have to buy and cut the wood ahead of time. Also we will need a lot of small things like straps and tarps. But all of this we will use again to set up the yurt next year. So: the more funding we get, the more possible it will be to make the Yurt gate and greeting space happen! We are of course able to always shift between our budget calculations (what is essential and what is a nice extra like decoration and greeting gifts) and we will reuse as much wood, tarps and deco from last year as possible. But still: Vote and help us reach our goal! UH AH AH!

    About the group/Artist

    We are a bunch of silly gorillas and screaming urang-utans that will give you a warm, wild welcome to KiezBurn!

    How do you plan to Strike the Project?

    The Yurt can be set up and taken down within an hour. All parts can be stored and used again. We are a team of 30 monkeys (and hopefully a few volunteers) to help us strike it.

    Aerial Footprint of your installation

    5m Diameter

    Please add your budget proposal in the box below

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    We need pre-burn volunteers to build the parts for the yurt and of course many gate and greeting volunteers, whom we want to offer a cosy, wild space to welcome burners.

    What is this?

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? * Around 500W for lights, charging walkies, maybe a small music box.

    • Will there be light? Solar lights will lead towards the gate and into the site. Inside the yurt there will be fairylights and possibly a blacklight.

    • Will anything burn? * No.

    • What is your audio footprint? * Maybe a small bluetooth speaker.

    • What’s your ecological footprint? There will be no waste created. The yurt can be dismantled easily and reused for years to come.

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