The Sensperience Vulva

Mareike Ficht

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  • Summary

    The Sensperience Vulva is a space where you see with all your senses. The Vulva Installation at the centre, surrounded by a tactile, colourful environment, which you can explore with your hands, feet, taste and smell.

    Full description of the concept

    At the PreCom Party you stepped through it already. The three-dimensional Vulva Installation at the Gate. Did you touch it? Remember the different textures? Soft, warm and smooth or cold, silky? At KiezBurn’19 the whole Vulva Sensperience welcomes you! The Vulva will be the centre of a small cosy and protected space. Here you have to close your eyes and take off your shoes. You travel back to the womb to discover with your other senses. What is that feeling on your hands? What is that taste? That soft smell? This colourful, trippy, sensory surrounding celebrates femininity at its core. It’s a safe space, a world within a world, to discover, explore, escape.

    For the PreCom Event I am currently building a three-dimensional vulva shaped installation. It’s a follow up on the vulva curtain from last year but 3D and more textural and tactile. I want to not just use it for one night but to give it another home at KiezBurn where the whole thing originated. The Vulva should be a safe space, a place of homecoming, a place to discover. With the minimum budget I will construct a ceiling to protect the installation and a few touch and feel experiments from rain. With the full budget I will construct a wooden frame around 200x200m or try to get a Pavillion or tent, which will then be covered in fabrics (might resemble a tiny bit the Rosario Dawson 'Misting Vagina' at Burning Man 2011) It should be rain and wind proof to also serve as a small, protected space with a mattress inside where people can chill or maybe even hold an intimate workshop.

    About the group/Artist

    I just like to make colourful stuff and drawing people

    How do you plan to Strike the Project?

    Everything will be taken down and return to Berlin. Some helping hands would be amazing for building the "tent.

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    I would love some helping hands building this installation and am hoping people share their experiences in the space.

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