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Die Liebeskünstler

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    ✨ Love is an Art. Eros is creativity, sexuality and connection ✨

    This will be the sensual core of Kiez Burn. Here we celebrate sexuality & emotions. We will play with each other and explore our sexual wild nature in all it's facets ✨

    Full description of the concept

    Remember Drug Sluts? This will be the other end of the spectrum: The Temple of Eros is a place to celebrate love & sexuality as a spiritual practice. This is the home of Tantra, Kamasutra, Naked Truth as well as ceremonies, rituals and emotional sharing circles. Pretty much everything related to love.

    We will have a large structure that's closed from all sides (maybe a tent, maybe a yurt) to provide a safe space for exploration. There will be cushions, a large carpet, candles, an altar, decorations which honor the great spirits, incense sticks. We will sometimes play music on low volume.

    We will have sharing circles where you have space to share your feelings about emotional movements at Kiez Burn. Are you in an open relationship and having a hard time seeing your partner flying free? Are you in a closed relationship and feel attraction to someone else? This will be a safe space to unload your soul.

    Are you planning a sensual workshop that requires a quiet, safe space? Please be welcome.

    Are you planning rituals to honor the natural forces? Would you like to ascend into ecstacy through meditations? Please be our guest.

    Are you planning an emotional workshop, where people might cry, reveal themselves, connect with one another and themselves? Our home is yours.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? * 100-150W

    • Will there be light? Low natural light to honor the gods.

    • Will anything burn? * Candles and incense sticks.

    • What is your audio footprint? * Mostly just moanings of participants, some ritual drumming and low volume music.

    • What’s your ecological footprint? Very low. Just candles will burn and condoms will be used.

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