Flow Dome Jam Stage

Alex, Jakob & Pablo from Flow Camp

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  • Summary

    The jam dome of flow camp is a geodesic dome where you can find unity in the sound waves of collective music crafting and wisdom. We want to create a space where people can gather to jam and have workshops, cinema, discussions or tripping communally.

    Full description of the concept

    This project conceived as the accumulation vessel of flow shall be the link to the deeper inner world of being and nothing else than being.
    It will appear in front of the Flow Camp.
    There will be Instruments provided in the dome, a projector and a sound system. The dome will be covered by a huge tarp that will give shelter from the sun and the rain. The Tarp will also cover a big area in front of the dome for chilling in the shade, flowing, listening or drinking coffee from Café Wonderland.

    The dome would have the radius of 3.5 Meter so it would cover almost around 40m2.
    We need:
    - a massive pile of “Bettlatten” for construction
    - wood for platforms and instruments storage.
    - some deko and carpets and stuff

    Happy to flow together at Kiez Burn!

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    ca. 70

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