The Return of the Fire Space

Alex Cuthbertson, Lars, Helena

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    We are BACK. What is more beautiful than watching Flow Artists enter their Altered State using the powerful element of Fire? Them doing it safely!!! We want to bring the Fire back to the Burn, and mesmerize you all with magical feats of Fire-Bending!!

    Full description of the concept

    The Fire Space is a location at which Fire Spinners can gather and do what we love to do, which is play with Fire. And you can join in our Flow.
    The benefit of this space obviously transcends the altered states of the performers as the audience can become completely mesmerized with the flame whilst remaining in total safety. Many party-goers to the Fusion Festival will tell you that the magic of the Fire Space there really stands out among the noise and chaos of the rest of the festival. We want that at Kiez Burn!

    For those of us with years of experience, we understand the value of a well organized and designed space.
    This means we take the safety of the performers and the audience very seriously, minimize impact on the environment, and preserve our expensive tools with high quality fuel.

    We already have a lot of equipment, and so our minimum goal is simply to bring the fundamentals required to have a safe space (High Quality Lamp oil, and contribution to the transport costs). What we would really like to do, so long as you guys are adventurous, is to up the anti (Make it waaaay better)! We're in the process of designing new small stage torches (Fire Vortexes of amazing beauty) that we would like to extend the space with, as well as some perimeter lighting to better keep drunken muggles from accidentally walking into the space. We would also like to custom build a portable-base-station, as last year we moved the space to different camps on a wheelbarrow. This works, but is far from comfortable or ideal, and not the safest option.
    We have a design for a safe, practical and economical portable Fire Station optimized for safety and ease-of-burn! Help us get there!

    So help us bring our Burning to the Burn! The minimum target is just the fuel and pre-existing equipment. The Stretch goal means we can add cooler fire torches, safety lighting, and eventually a beautiful portable space to make the whole experience safer for us, you and the environment!

    And that means..
    .... More Fire!

    About the group/Artist

    For 5 Years I have been a professional Fire Artist in Europe, and an inventor of Fire Props. My real passion related to FIre Spinning, is actually organizing spaces and jams that enhance the wonderful quality of what we love to do. We have an excellent and experienced Team of Spinners at Flow Camp supporting the safe management of this space.

    How do you plan to Strike the Project?

    The Space is portable, and will be striked at the end of each use. That means come strike day, it should already be packed down into it's smallest components to be shipped off in a van.

    Aerial Footprint of your installation

    We need to set up a space of about 6-10m x 6-10m. Ideally the 100m2 space is preferred. This can be found by Zerzura, the smaller space can be placed at Underworld. All spaces are temporary and will not inflict the movement of people or evacuation routes.

    Please add your budget proposal in the box below

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    Secondly, we will need volunteers for additional safety positions. we will have enough manpower for the minimum required safety, but an addition 2-4 Participants per evening (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) would enhance our security to absolute maximum levels. The shifts will be roughly 2 hours long, and involve having front row seats to each show, whilst providing an attentive eye to the space to stop inebriated participants from accidentally walking into the space. They can also support the performers if they catch fire without noticing (it happens, but 99.9% of the time, we have everything under control). No experience neccesary, but a degree of sobriety is required (a.k.a Not tripping, and capable of reacting in a worse case scenario).
    Any Fire spinners that would be interested to support can also take a Dipping Shift, which is simply overlooking and supporting others with their dipping to maximize efficiency and minimize ecological footprint.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? * 50-100W for the lighting (If funded). This will need to come from the sound camps area at each location, and can be organized with them beforehand.

    • Will there be light? Yes, we will, if funded, have perimiter lighting to better secure the sacred Space of Fire. There will also be fire torches for illumination, and naturally, the performers themselves will also be glowing with that hypnotic ambience that fire provides.

    • Will anything burn? * Yes. There will be lamp oil fire torches for the perimeter, as well as the props themselves which are dipped in High Quality Lamp oil before being used. The primary function of the space is to create a safe and environmentally way of playing with Fire.

    • What is your audio footprint? * The sound of the flames is rarely louder than the sounds of the soundcamp we will be performing at.

    • What’s your ecological footprint? Unfortunately there is no escaping that the lamp oil we use is not ideally suited for the environment. Luckily the highest priority of this space that we make is providing safe equipment to minimize any ecological damage that could be done. This is done by providing and monitoring an extended dipping station, tool rack, spin-off jars, spin-off zone, squeeze gloves, perimeter lighting. Thee drastically reduce the amount of oil (which is already minimal) which finds itself in places it does not belong.

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