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yalla hambibi

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  • Summary

    To declare our solidarity with Hambach Forest we want to bring the vibes to this years KIEZ Burn. The famous structure called Tripod is mostly used to block roads. This time, it will be used to be the center of a dance floor.

    Full description of the concept

    Climate justice and social justice are major topics which are inherent to long ongoing protests concerning the Hambacher forest and the climate justice movement in Germany and Europe. Different individuals from different societal backgrounds fighting for one goal: A future with equal opportunities for everyone and an economic system which is not based on the exploitation of humans or nature and leaves the earth as thriving place for future generations. The Hambacher Forest has become a great place of living alternatives and cultivating visions for a better society which leaves behind a lot of constraints drawn on us from the current capitalist system. In the last years it has become a great place of solidarity among protesters and has become home for many people showing how alternative living can be put in practice. We think the vibes and visions of this interesting place are catching up in so many beautiful ways with the principles of KIEZ Burn. This is why we are so glad to bring this idea to the festival, to share experience made by activists and inspire people in this manner. To do so we are using different art installations and workshops to bring up the vibe.
    Our KIEZ is therefore transformed to a “miniature Hambi”. The famous Tripod Structure is usually used to block roads, this time one is used as the center of our dancefloor and one smaller tripod as our chillout area. By night it will be the structure for a sparkling light show and by day there will be an art gallery showing how photography and the protest movements like Hambacher Forest squat fit together.
    The whole set up of the camp will be part of our dream and is an ongoing process.
    Involving People in our dream and sharing the skills we have, will be part since the very first start of building up the KIEZ. Therefore constituting a process which will evolve over three stages.
    First stage will be to construct one, two or three Tripods (depending on our finances). The smaller one as a structure for light installations and projections, the middle one as a space for relaxing and exhibition, and the third and biggest one as a DJ Tripod forming the center of our stage and dancefloor. During the first part of the process we will share our knowledge on the knots used to build up a Tripod so that people can start building them in their own cities and communities to make politicians aware of the huge impact of coal burning on global warming and the failed coal commission report exiting coal in 2038. (No chance of reaching the 2030 climate goals of the government) or just enjoy it as vehicle of performing art or creative space.
    The second stage will be to set up a photo exhibition from Hambach Forest and open for other artists exhibiting art on civil disobedience and anarchist movements. Besides that we are planning to set up a round music stage with the DJ desk installed inside the Tripod, forming the center. We will also offer tree climbing (and other) workshops during the day as long as we get a tree next to our place.
    The third stage will be the strike. The construction will be designed for disassembly to make it easy to deconstruct and portable to use it on other locations or the following burns.

    About the group/Artist

    We are what we are. Some of us are part of the hambach forest squad and we fight for equality, climate justice and a more conscious life by living it. Some of us are artists or DJs or Acroyogis. We welcoming every warm person interested in making this happen.
    So far we are:
    Merve, Michel, Max, Marie, Mali, Katleen, Paula Luisa, Jonas, Vali, Ole, Doro, Tabi, Pino

    How do you plan to Strike the Project?

    We are planning to construct tripods which are easy to deconstruct and portable to use them on different locations.

    Aerial Footprint of your installation

    Each Tripod has an aerial footprint of approx. 20m². Total footprint is depending on the amount of Tripods realized. (Max. 60m²)

    Please add your budget proposal in the box below

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    People can support managing to receive needed material. Especially with organizing trees. During the construction phase we need people who are interested in learning the construction and setting it up, as well as light installations or setting up the DJ equipment. After the construction co-burners can use our spaces to play music or exhibit art and use the space to give workshops.

    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Kiez Burn is a platform that allows you to share your dreams.


    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? * Yes, 3000 watts

    • Will there be light? Depending on our budget and availability of electricity there will be different light installations. Minimum with LED illumination and spotlights.

    • Will anything burn? * No

    • What is your audio footprint? * Yes, we are planing to run a stage.

    • What’s your ecological footprint? We use cut trees which we should get from the surrounding area (short transport distance). The Tripod will be easy to deconstruct and reuse. To tie the trunks together we are thinking of using Jute rope. We try to avoid plastic reuse it.

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