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    We are all dreamers and participants who bring the art, the interaction, the performance and the Burn experience. In order to encourage people to participate, all relevant program and location info will be printed on posters and pocket-size brochures

    Full description of the concept

    Kiez Burn happens only when people get involved, participate.

    We love sharing skills and experiences with others, get inspired and create stories.
    In order to keep you well-informed about some of the most inspiring things that are happening at Kiez Burn, we will create posters and pocket-size brochures where you can find the Kieze Programs with all performances, workshops and interactions.

    The brochures will be handed out at the Gate and the Posters will be found in each Kiez.

    - Map of Freiland
    - Timetable, including the locations of the events
    - Brief Information about the event
    - Kiez Burn Principles

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    What is this?

    Congratulations! You've stumbled upon something special. Kiez Burn is a platform that allows you to share your dreams.


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