Collective painting - creation of a participative fresco

Alex Félix

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  • Summary

    Encourage the artistic expression painting all together on a giant canvas in peace and harmony.

    Reveal the artist who is at the heart of every human being and got access the creative joy of collaborative free expression.

    Full description of the concept

    Free collaborative authoring space. The canvas makes it possible to represent the non-localized impersonal spirit.
    The emotional body of the participants is crossed by the creative imperative. The group's imagination is formed and calls for an act of expression that releases and values ​​stagnant energies.

    Conscious and unconscious spirits are superimposed and harmonized to define a satisfactory aesthetic for the group and for each of its members.

    Each one is inspired by the other and interprets the common work freely. Simultaneous creation strengthens group spirit and trust in everyone.

    Collective painting will help to :

    - Encourage the artistic expression, to give confidence and to value the unique creativity of each one.
    - Remove the inner judge that inhibits the artistic power
    - Reveal the artist who is at the heart of every human being.
    - Access the creative joy of collaborative expression
    - Care for the body and its emotional pains, creative transfer

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    Material Brushes (different sizes) €40.00
    Consumables Paint bottle 1L (different colors) €50.00
    Material 3 x Canvas 3mx1.50m €60.00

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