Silent Disco (shhhhhhhh......)

edward mccaughan / pyjamcakes

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    To help keep the early morning peace between the partiers and the sleepers, we will bring some silent disco headphones

    Full description of the concept

    Who loves techno?
    ----> Everybody!
    Who loves really loud techno at 4am when you're trying to sleep?
    ----> Maybe not everybody...

    To keep the groovy tunes rolling while allowing people to still get some sleep, we're buying a bunch of silent disco headphones for our camp (currently pyjamcakes, name may change...).

    We're going to buy 10 headsets and have 10 sets from a previous project so in total we will have 20 sets. We decided to buy them rather than rent, because for the length of the festival, it only cost a little bit more to buy them and then we can bring them next year.

    They will mostly live on the pyjamcakes camp dance floor, we'll have a mishmash of silly activities like butt naked silent disco, maybe some partner dances like blues or tango
    but we won't be actively using them the whole time, so we would be very, very happy if other camps and projects wanted to make use of them too! (see the co-creation section)

    How do you plan to Strike the Project?

    One struggle will be finding all the headsets afterwards, people tend to leave them in strange places when they're done.
    We'll have stickers on them saying to return them to the camp, we'll make the return area obvious and try and collect them ourselves regularly

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    How can other burners co-create with you?

    We won't be using them all the time, so we would love, LOVE! if other kiez burners could put them to good use, especially if you have a crazy idea beyond the standard music-on-a-dancefloor concept that it started from.

    you could use them them for:

    - a sound camp that wants to keep playing loud late without annoying the neighbours
    - a live instrument set with silent instruments (eg: midi keyboards, electric guitar)
    - we hook up a microphone and you use them to guide a workshop, a dance meditation, a walking guided tour through the burn site
    - some kind of immersive, experiential art project, you could use prerecorded audio, or something that reacts to buttons/sensors/whatever

    they're pretty simple to use, the transmitter input is just a normal headphone jack and the headsets automatically tune into the transmitter when they're switched on.
    They do need some supervision though, since they're not waterproof, people leave them in weird places and they need recharged every 6 hours.

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