An Elven Evening- LARP Tent


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  • Summary

    We would like to create a place where people can spend several hours in character playing roleplaying games one evening. It would be nice to be able to also offer them prosthetic elf ears and perhaps capes. We would write a game for 20-30 players

    Full description of the concept

    When a visitor wanders the vast planes of Kiezburn, they heard the dulcet sounds of some quiet tavern music coming from a small knight's tent. As they venture closer they hear a smattering of animated voices. Cautiously they enter and are delighted to discover a tent filled with moon elves.
    They sit down on the pillows, all around a large table. A host comes up and ask them about what kind of character they would like to play. Time passes without measure as they join the elves on an adventure through their imagination. Their task is to choose who will be the next elven king, and it is no small task.
    Players have the chance to swordfight one another, engage in battles of wit and accompany their characters through emotional escapades into the imagination.
    They then conclude this adventure, with many new friends and new stories and they go back to their tribe with ears that are more pointed and a heart that is more filled with magic.

    (If we do not get fully funded this game will be a more mobile version which travels around, starting at a workshop space)

    About the group/Artist

    Moss is an experience designer who has worked for Dungeons and Dragons and Labyrinth Masquerade Ball to create immersive opportunities for players for many years. They are nonbinary and enjoy creating Live Action Role Play events such as this one which range across many topics.

    How do you plan to Strike the Project?

    We intend to rent a truck to bring this tent and set up

    Aerial Footprint of your installation

    It would be the size of a tent large enough to hold 20 people.

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    How can other burners co-create with you?

    We would love for other Dungeon Masters to reach out to use this space at times when we are not going to be running the main game. It would also be cool if it were used as a place to store table top games and people could bring them here to play. We would also be open to combine this space with another groups dream.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? * Battery powered lamp

    • Will there be light? Yes it would be ideal to have that be the case.

    • Will anything burn? * No there will be no burning except maybe candles

    • What is your audio footprint? * Yes quiet tavern music

    • What’s your ecological footprint? This occurrence will leave players with reusable elf ears and an enlarged repertoire of stories. It will not utilize any product that produces waste.

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