The Booth (Hug Deli +)


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  • Summary

    This dream is inspired by Hug Deli at Burning Man . Imagine a booth that anyone can come up and "work at". The sign at the top can flip between advice booth, bad advice booth, sex advice, kissing booth, hug deli, and a blank one people can fill in.+props

    Full description of the concept

    The idea is an extended Hug Deli from burning man. At the original Hug Deli the booth is there and left 'empty'. Anyone passing by can go into the booth, put on an apron and start waiting on customers. People come up and order hugs. Long awkward hugs, bear hugs, posh valley girl hugs, and then pay for them with 2 compliments. Then the person working the booth serves up them hugs good and fresh.

    I want to take this idea, but then add more. I want a sign at the top that rotates. It can be "Hug Deli", but it can also rotate to say "Advice booth", "Bad advice booth", "kissing booth", "sex advice", and an empty one with a white board marker where someone can write. There will be a list of other ideas written there for people to be inspired by such as "puppet theater", "dirty smut stories told live", etc. Depending on how the idea develops there might be a small costume box behind the booth with props. People come and order whatever the person working in the booth is selling, the recommended price is 2 compliments, but it can be whatever the people decide.

    I have already done this once as a Halloween costume and want to make it larger and more accessible for others to come in and participate in and with.

    The idea is to get people in interacting, playing, imagining. Also the person creating the space can choose what they are comfortable offering and so make the space really their own. One might be not interested in working a kissing booth, but extremely adept at giving subtlety, perniciously, horrific advice and so they should put up their sign and make it happen.

    About the group/Artist

    I am a long time Burner- originally from California. I love things that get people interacting and making up little worlds.

    How do you plan to Strike the Project?

    I will bring it home with me after.

    Aerial Footprint of your installation

    It will be 6-8 m^2

    Please add your budget proposal in the box below

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    Can contact me if you want to help build it. But ideally everyone helps create it at the event by being in it. It is just a space so it needs people to play with it and in it.

    What is this?

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? * Optional. But would be nice so that it could be lit up and used at night with. In short it wouldn't need more than 50-200 watts.

    • Will there be light? It can be a daytime thing, but would be fun to have people able to 'work at' at night. So for this I would maybe get a rope light and 2 small lights to keep it well lit. but it should be mellow.

    • Will anything burn? * No

    • What is your audio footprint? * People Talking

    • What’s your ecological footprint? It is simple wood and metal. Will be made robustly so it can be re-used at other events.

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