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    Meet&Greet with your gentle companion to embrace its unique beauty in a vulva-imprint-session.Confronted with insane beauty standards encouraging deep-rooted feelings of shame and disconnection to this powerful, sensitive body part- we need to praise it!

    Full description of the concept

    As we follow the artist Gloria Dimmel's idea, we'd like to illustrate the concept of the workshop through her thoughts:
    “'Am I normal down there?' This a question probably every women* asks themselves in their lifetime. The answer: YES! Whether asymmetrical, long, short, dark or light: there are vulvas in different size and form and they change in the course of a lifetime. And yes, that is normal.
    'A lot of women* don't know how they look down there – I was curious […], made an imprint and showed it to my friends.' says Dimmel. Friends became very interested as well. 'I realized very fast how big the need to talk [about body images] was and that most of the women* have the same thoughts and doubts but rarely share them.' Gloria Dimmel criticizes that the vulva is still a taboo issue in public and is shown or being addressed very rarely. She wants to raise the awareness. 'Either the vulva is portrayed extremely sexualized, as in porn, or as a big mystery or is completely forgotten – also because there is no common name for it. There is too little neutral talking about it. It's a nice feeling to see how ok it is too look different – also down there. Women* need to take so much criticism about their appearance and their body that these kind of projects make it a bit bearable to be in a female* body.'
    (source: article published in the Austrian magazine "Wienerin":

    How do you plan to Strike the Project?

    the waste is recycable and can be put in the domestic waste or we are going to take it back to the city after the burn and throw it away

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    maybe 3x3m

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    • Will there be light? no, the workshop is supposed to happen during the day

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    • What is your audio footprint? * laughter and giggling

    • What’s your ecological footprint? the material we are going to use consists of pure biological ingredients

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