Bamory / Digital MDMA ...imagine all the people will be as one!


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  • Summary

    Bämory is an audio-guided group game, which plays us into different groove-missions with the others to interconnect and explore togetherness in new ways.
    Connect your little BÄM! with all the other little BÄM!s to become one big BÄÄÄM! all together!

    Full description of the concept

    Bamory is an audioguided ceremony - It´s a silent-disco-memory-game. A sophisticated silent-disco software shuffles you together into different groove-missions to connect you with each and everyone on a non-verbal level. Slowly connecting the group till it becomes one big organism. It´s made to get in touch with each other, to create the maximum bam together.
    "The Bämory is a tool for human interaction, crossing disciplines, and moving beyond the jurisdiction of
    “art” creating a limitless space of play where all social boundaries can be broken down. The work is a
    closed system, with all participants activated at different times forming a choreography between players
    that is left up to how the verbal prompts are interpreted through physical movement. This aspect of the
    Bämory is what allows every session to be a completely unique physical and visual experience. The work
    is powerful in creating an environment of semi-curated experience, allowing enough space for creativity
    in movement and physicality, but it has enough guidance to avoid user-confusion. At a time in society
    when we feel the most physically distant from each other the Bämory acts as a tool to recreate
    connectivity between humans." - Jacky Riccio, Organizer of the PalaceArtEvents

    The soft- and hardware could also be used as a silent disco -opening up lot´s of possibilities. I´d love to create new games in a separate workshop.

    About the group/Artist

    I am a puppeteer, magician, juggler and dancer. Worked in circus, as a streetperformer and
    theatre-festivals. With Bämory I puppeteer humans with the help of synchorinized audioinstructions and
    music. My goal is to connect people and to produce as much oxytocin as possible.

    How do you plan to Strike the Project?

    There will be no physical installation, it´s a headphonebased game.

    Aerial Footprint of your installation

    It´s a human installation - the "circle" is depending on how many people participate.

    Please add your budget proposal in the box below

    How can other burners co-create with you?

    After the game I want to discuss further ideas and see, if we can create little minigames together in a seperate workshop.

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    • Do you need electricity from the grid? How much in Watts? * If there is ok-cell-phone-connection on sight or good internet=0; In case there is no internet, yes! Enough to power my local intranet = just a little , maybe 60-100Watts. I think for about 50€ I can get a 12V-Powerbank, which would make me independent from electricity.

    • Will there be light? it´s not a physical installation

    • Will anything burn? * NO

    • What is your audio footprint? * There is one big BAM shout. and later a vocal/bodypersussion. Apart from that it is a silent-disco based game ... so pretty much silent.

    • What’s your ecological footprint? nope...just what we breath.

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